Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ematei Japanese Restaurant

Address: 38 St Patrick St, Toronto, ON M5T, Canada
Telephone:(416) 340-0472
Date Visited: March 6, 2012.
Taste: 8 of 10
Service: 4 of 5
Atmosphere: 3.5 of 5
Price: $$($)

If it is your first time coming to this restaurant, make sure you walk deep into Patrick Street as the restaurant cannot be seen at the Queen and Patrick intersection.  Although we came on a random Tuesday (well... not that random for me as it was my birthday), the restaurant was still packed with people.  Once we've ordered, the food came so fast we almost thought it was pre-made.  However, the sushi were very fresh (quite pricy also), but the variety and quality was very good.  The other signature dish we ordered... the sukiyaki on rice, was less desireable as there was very little beef, no tofu, and tons of vegetables (and no sauce so it tasted somewhat blend). The breading on the tempura appetizer was rather thick and hard, but once you eat it, it is still rather fluffy.  The soup and the salad was quite delicious, but the fish cake was a little too salty.  The decor of the restaurant was average, but the service was very good.  Overall, the food was quite enjoyable, and depending on what you order, it could be an average - pricy meal. 

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