Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hilton Hotel Afternoon Tea Buffet

Address:  8500 Warden Avenue, Markham, Ontario, Canada L6G 1A5
Telephone: (905) 470-8500
Date Visited: March 13, 2012.
Taste: 6 of 10
Service: 3.5 of 5
Atmosphere: 4 of 5

Price: $$

I must say, it gets a little more disappoiting each time I come back.  I remember the last time I was here (a few months ago), the price was only around.. maybe $13-14 per person... but this time, it was $18 per person.  Compared to other high teas maybe the price is still okay, but the other places have a larger variety of tea selection, they actually make their own preserves (not the little packaged ones here), they don't serve whip cream that's from a bottle, and the quality of the food is just that much better. 

Lets start off with the scones as they are a huge part to a high tea in my opinion.  The ones served here were sprinked a bit of sugar on the top, but overall, the scone had no flavor and leaning to the 'dry' end of the spectrum.  The sandwiches were okay, somehow all the food here seems pretty blend in terms of taste to me.  The only great thing about the sandwiches were the thick slices of smoked salmon.  The bread was dry so it was obviously they were made a while ago, and put in a fridge for a long time.  There was a great selection of cakes and pastries, with cup mousse, pound cakes, muffins, creme caramel etc., but because it was a 'buffet', gosh, people turn the prettiest desserts into very unappetizing foodn so I didn't even want to take a picture of it. 

The environment of the place wasn't that great compared to other high tea places because it was served in a restaurant that's located in the middle of the hotel, and every time I am here they are hosting a large group of parties who screams and yells and totally ruining the atmosphere.  The coffee that was served was really good though.. but the green tea I ordered was a Tazo green tea bag, which in my opinion very sad for an afternoon tea place.  Anyhow, I had a great time here because it gave me a good few hours to catch up with my sister, and I could talk as loud as I could because it was already loud there.  However, the food wasn't the greatest so if you want a decent high tea, explore other options... but if you just want variety, then this would be a great choice!

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