Friday, March 9, 2012

Lewis dad cooking for us!

Tonight's dinner brought to us by uncle la...
It contains fried rice, BBQ chicken and Vietnamese quiche.

Fried rice was okay. Can use a little more ingredient. Maybe throw in an egg next time. And it will never be as good as my mommy's fried rice. :P

BBQ chicken! It always comes in this shocking pinkish BBQ sauce, but beyond the colour it's always yummy!!! I love the hacka ton of honey that's on it!!

Vietnamese quiche. My first time trying it. It contains similar to what you will find in Vietnamese spring roll. It makes me wonder how many ways they cook black fungus and clear rice noodles sometimes... LOL!
Overall it's yum, but I like Lewis' mom's spring rolls more than the quiche. And I love how they always substitute shrimp with crab for me and it's so fantastic!

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