Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Moonbean Coffee

Address: 30 St Andrew St, Toronto, ON M5T 2K2, Canada
Telephone: (416) 595-0327
Date Visited: March 6, 2012.
Taste:  7 of 10
Service: 3 of 5
Atmosphere: 3 of 5
Price: $

This little coffee shop is located in the Kensington Market area, and packed with little couples or individuals working on their lap tops.  The coffee shop has an okay selection of pastries, but none of them looked amaziningly appealing.  However, they had a rather large selection of gluten-free pastries, which I am sure some of the customers would be very thankful for.  The drinks offered by this store was average priced, but the selection was decent.  We ordered a latte and a cappuccino, where we expected amazing latte patterns (i.e. swans, flowers etc.) but we only got a common leaf, and a blur of.. maybe a leaf? in the other.  We've also made it clear we came for the pattern in the drinks so we were extremely disappointed with what we got.  The back of the coffee shop is an extension of more seating, but truly speaking, it looked like a warn down restaurant additon that didn't seem to blend with the whole woody, cafe theme of the store.  Overall, the drinks tasted pretty good, but the coffee shop didn't offer much more other than that.  Probably not coming back again.

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