Saturday, April 14, 2012

Manpuku Japanese Eatery

Address: 105 McCaul St #29, Toronto, ON M5T, Canada
Telephone: (416) 979-6763
Date Visited: April 9, 2012.
Taste: 9 of 10
Service: 4 of 5
Atmosphere: 3.5 of 5

Price: $

One of my favorite place in downtown Toronto... constantly craving for their rice and noodles.  It is located in a food court (Grange Park Valley or something like that)... across from OCAD.  The food is very well priced and the portions are BIG. 

This time we wanted to try something new so instead of ordering the curry or the udon, we ordered a yakionigiri, which is basically a grilled onigiri servied with some soy sauce (I think u can ask for miso instead).  It was very very crispy and the inside is filled with tuna.  Totally delicious!  The other dish we tried is the takosen (which is basically putting takoyaki inside 2 pieces of shrimp biscuit).  It added the extra crunch to regular takoyaki... which I already love... but added a twist which made it an amazing experience.  The shigure don is one of our typical orders and as usual it was tasty and filling (sweet onion and tender beef... YUMMY!  The only downside to this restaurant is that tables are set very very close to each other (its a small restaurnt) so you can totally hear what the people beside you are talking about (or vice versa). 

Highly recommend this restaurant!

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