Sunday, May 20, 2012

Inatei 稻亭日本料理

Address: Unit 7-8, 9021 Leslie St, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3B6, Canada
Telephone: (905) 881-9500
Website: N/A
Date Visited: May 12, 2012.
Taste: 9.0 of 10
Service: 4 of 5
Atmosphere: 4.5 of 5

Price: $$

This place was highly recommended by a friend and the reviews online were all very positive so I did visit this with extremely high expectations. 

We visited on a Sat night so all the tables were reserved and my friend and I had to sit in front of the sushi bar which I totally didn't mind because that's where all the action happens.  The people making sushi were rather professional as they didn't really talk or even look up during our whole stay (I hate it when they keep talking and have their saliva all over the food).  

Since I am not a huge fan of raw food, I couldn't really tell if the sushi I had were top grade or not but they did not taste fishy and the fish looked really shiny which I was told meant good sushi.  The salad and the soup tasted like any other Japanese restaurants I went to, so nothing much needs to be said there.  We also ordered the black cod which was probably grilled with miso so it had a bit of sweetness and crunchiness on the outside, and extremely juicy and smooth in the inside.  I thought the dish was totally amazing, except for the side vegetables because I don't eat pepper.  The portion was also generous (3 pieces) but I did find a piece of bone here or there which kinda killed the experience a bit.

The egg in a cup I also ordered was suppose to be an appetizer, but it didn't come until we finished our main dishes, and asked 2 times whether or not it was ready before it came.  However, the goodness in that cup was so amazing (the egg was extremely smooth, some mushrooms and lots of crab meat) that all the wait was worthwhile! 

The dessert was another surprise to the meal.  It was a coffee mousse in a cup and the mouse was so soft and smooth and it also melted in your mouth. 

Overall, Inatei is a bit on a pricy side, but the quality of the food is quite worth it!  Definitely going back again!   

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