Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dayali (大鸭梨)

Address: 20 Gibson Drive, Markham, ON L3R 8B5, Canada
Telephone: (905) 604-8680
Date Visited: Oct 2012.
Taste:  6.5 of 10
Service:  2 of 5
Atmosphere: 4 of 5

Wow... I seriously don't know where to start.  There was definitely a HUGE hit when this restaurant first started in Toronto.. (but that's probably true for most new restaurants... we Asians always want to try new things).  I remembered the first time we were here on a random Thursday night... we were turned down because we did not make reservations.  SERIOUSLY?  What was this about?  Anticipations always make food that much better doesn't it?  In this case... it was the opposite.  The food was okay.. the portions were acceptable at best.. and the price was definitely on the high end. 

It's half a year ago when we visited this restaurant.. so my memories are a bit blurry about what we ordered... so I'm just going to emphasize on the dishes that I remember.  The one above is a wrap with minced pork and green onions that was pan fried to for crispiness.  A typical Shanghai dish.. and it tasted like all the other Shanghai restaurants.. nothing special. 

The dish above was different..nothing I've seen before.  I believe it was sweet but I cant remember what it was. I remember trying half and not wanting more.. I guess that says it all.   

The dish above is also a typical Shanghai dish, that's like a big pizza pocket but filled with green veggies.  Always loved this.. the green onions and veggies are so flavourful.  Similarly.. it was good.. but most Shanghai restaurant makes this pretty well.. so nothing special.  

The dish above is basically a Chinese version of steamed buns with pulled pork.  We're not exactly sure how you are suppose to eat this.. I assume stuff the buns with pulled pork to make pulled pork sandwich?  This was different.. and it tasted good... I liked it!

The pictures above is a full set of the famous Peking Duck.  The presentation of the whole sides platter, the heater to keep the wraps warm etc. were great. The wraps were also VERY thin... definitely the thinnest I've ever seen.  It was so thin that the server actually had to come help us separate them and he taught us that sugar is essential to making this dish great.  I've had this dish many times.. mostly in Chinese restaurants... and I never put sugar in the wrap.  I gotta say.. it did make the duck feel less 'fatty' or 'oily'... which was great.  However, the duck skin itself.. that was disappointing.  First of all.. portions were SMALL. We ordered the 'Signature' version of this dish.. which was VERY pricey... and as you can see... that's all the skin + meat we got.  Also, it wasn't as crunchy as many of the Chinese restaurants that I've tried.  Not sure if this is the "Peking" style... it was simply disappointing.

The dish above is a chow-mien with some minced pork and nuts.  Bland.. period.

The group we went to kept raving about this dish.. its toad drum sticks.  And no.. I didn't try.. but they said it was very crispy and flavourful.  Some said it tasted like chicken meat...

This pork ribblet tasted good.. except for the amount of oil and the proportions of bone vs. meat. 

All in all... I was rather disappointed in the food of this restaurant.  The service was also AWFUL... servers were rude.. or forget your orders... and yes... SLOW.  Definitely not returning to this restaurant!

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