Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ruths Chris

Address: 145 Richmond Street West, Hilton Toronto Hotel, Toronto ON M5H 2L2
Website: http://www.ruthschris.com/
Telephone: (416) 955-1455
Date Visited: June 2013.
Taste:  9.5 of 10
Service:  4.5 of 5
Atmosphere: 2.5 of 5

Everybody whose heard of Ruths Chris knows this restaurant serves terrific steak.  Last time when I was here (at least 2 years ago), they had an 'early bird' special where you got an app, a side and a steak for $69.99 or something like that if you order before 6 or 7.. I can't really remember.  Of course this amazing is no longer available (that's why I don't go anymore...).. but it was a special ocassion and we really wanted a good steak, so yes, we had to spend the money.

When I arrived at the restaurants at 7 a random Tuesday, it was already packed with people.. and NOISY.  For the price we were paying for the food, I honestly expected a high-end environment - quiet, fancy, more privacy etc.  I asked the server to recommend a wine that had a sweeter fragrance, and the one he chose was actually very good and pairded very well with the dinner (I think it was a merlot).  With his great choice of wine, we also listened to his recommendation and ordered the BBQ shrimp which turned out to be a bad decision.  The shrimp was big, tasty, and the sauce was excellent, but there wasn't a 'WOW' factor.  For $18 for 5 shrimps, I expected more.

The loaf of bread they served was also very good, soft and moist, and the whipped butter was perfect... but it wasn't warm!  Yes... I want my bread warm... period.

Moving on to the sides... We order a mushroom medley and mash potato... they were good.. but not the best.  Finally, the main dishes.  We order a T-bone.. OMG.. it was HUGE... and a lobster tail and filet.  Seriously, they need to start thinking about plating... cuz it was literally a white plate (that's all scratched up) and a piece of steak.  The plate was sizzling hot, which reminded me of Stonegrill where you can cook your meat further if it was too raw.  The lobster tail was good... seasoned and not over cooked, and the steak.. OMG... it was heaven.  Half the time when I order my medium rare elsewhere... they turn out medium well or well... but Ruth Chris.. always perfect!  The flavour was good, the meat was tender.  Although the center is still pink with a touch of red, none of that red, bloody, juicy stuff coming out.  I was so satisfied after the steak that I didn't even need a dessert!

Although I didn't want a dessert, but my companion said he wanted to order something (which was odd because he doesnt have a sweet tooth).  As we were looking at the menu, the server placed a Chocolate Sin Cake with 'Happy Anniversary'.  Of course, I was still very happy with the surprise, but just a word of caution for anyone whose planning a surprise at this restaurant.. make sure you tell them to time their entrances better. 
Overall, this was an excellent meal (foodwise) but other areas could definitely be improved.  It served great steak but for the price... I may go to Wildfire instead.

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