Monday, July 29, 2013

Mi-Ne Sushi

Welcome everyone to my very VERY first blog!  Please...keep the criticism at a constructive and hopefully minimal level until I figure all this out.  This is MI-NE Sushi, located just north of the Yonge Street and Elgin Mills Road in Richmond Hill, on the East side.  Address is 10815 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill Ontario L4C 3E3.  


So...Menu doesn't have a cover page, but..whatever.  It's a waste of a page, no? 
One of the pages of the extremely EXTENSIVE menu
Another one of the many, many pages.
Small restaurant, nice decor.  Walking in the restaurant I auto focused onto a life size replica of a samurai statue staring back at me, uniform, armour and all.  Nice touch, really made me hungry for something authentic.  I had heard good things about MI-NE, but just never got around to trying it.  It is getting more and more rare these days for sustainable "a la carte" sushi restaurants with the insane amount of AYCE (all you can eat) sushi places popping up everywhere. Got there around 6pm on a Saturday night, restaurant was already half full.  Get here early my friends, else get ready to wait!  My partner in crime and I decided to split two Maki Sets, one with a Lobster Roll + Shrimp Tempura Roll; and one with a Dynamite Roll + Spider Roll.  Comes with Miso soup and salad, score!

Soup piping hot; Salad nice fresh crunch.  Both excellent quality.  And even better, got to read local Richmond Hill advertising!

The above pictures was the one I ordered, Lobster and Shrimp Tempura rolls.  Order came out relatively fast; and my goodness were the sushi pieces big.  They looked like other restaurants' Futo-Maki's (ie. please un-hinge jaw to get into mouth in one bite).  Definitely no talking with mouth full.  I was very impressed with the large amount of filling, and the small amount of rice.  Stark contrast with most AYCE (All you can eat) sushi places nowadays that try to fill you up with rice and leaves you full but unsatisfied.  The lobster in the Lobster Roll was deep fried and battered, and although there is definitely a difference between the lobster "tempura" vs. the Shrimp tempura, I'm not quite sure if it's worth the extra money.  That being said though, that roll was definitely the one that disappeared first off our plates.  The batter for it was nice and light, however, it was missing the resounding crunch that everyone enjoys with anything deep fried.  

The shrimp tempura is always a staple "go to" roll that no one can or should really mess up, and this one was definitely nice.  The shrimp was definitely larger than normal and just as sweet.  I must admit, I really enjoyed eating the seaweed wrapping the sushi together.  Most of the time, I don't really notice it; but here I really got to savour and indulge in the seaweed aroma. 

The above two was the other Maki Rolls, the Spider Roll (Deep fried Soft Shell Crab) and Dynamite Roll (Shrimp Tempura with salmon inside and other vegetables).  Now both my partner in crime and I absolutely love Spider Rolls, pretty much ordering it at almost every sushi restaurant we go to.  That being said, we were a little disappointed in the Spider roll.  There wasn't enough crab, most of the "crab" part consisting of batter.  Again, not enough crunch to our liking.  In our Dynamite roll, at times we questioned where the salmon may actually be.  Was there enough, was it just hiding from our view?  We definitely tasted it...    
PROS: Miso soup, salad was an awesome start.  Miso soup wasn't too salty, salad was fresh with a very nice sauce on it.  Prepared very well.  Sushi was very good, quality definitely better than any AYCE place around, but that is to be expected at an "a - la carte" sushi place.  Vegetables/Seafood/Meat filling to rice ratio alone makes a visit definitely worthwhile.   

CONS: I would have enjoyed there to be more crunch in the deep fried batter.  I would have liked there to be more crab in the Soft Shell Crabs for the Spider Rolls.  

*Fair warning: we realized half way that everything we ordered had something deep fried in it; making us a little...deep fried out.*

My verdict: Great place to go to impress, will go again, but once in a blue moon.  Overall very happy I got to try it out.  If you haven't been, GO TRY IT.  In the end we paid approximately similarly to what we would have paid for an AYCE, however quality was definitely much better and we walked away with sushi-craving satisfied.  

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