Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mix Bistro

Address: 370 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1J9
Telephone: 416-343-1234
Date Visited: June 2013.
Taste: 9 of 10
Service: 4.5 of 5
Atmosphere: 3.5 of 5

Wow... this was actually a very good experience... food wise.
Being the restaurant for the Hyatt hotel in downtown, I thought it would be rather fancy and quiet with great service.  When we arrived, we were brought to the restaurant, which felt a little like a cafe located on the ground floor.  There was a bar in the middle and a lot of people were there having a drink, so it definitely wasn't what I expected.  It was also kinda busy.  We were seated at a table next to the window.. yay for people watching along King Street!
The server was pleasant and helpful, but he had to serve all the tables there.. (around.. maybe 8??) so he was definitely flying all over the place.
Despite the initial disappointment, the food was actually very good.
The meal started with a plate of bread... and wow.. so many different types and they all tasted wonderful.  However, they were unfortunately NOT WARMED.. and if you have been following my post... you know that's a huge NONO in my books. 

Moving forward with the meal, we ordered two appetizers which was the calamari and the garlic shrimp.  WOW.  They were so good.  The salad was delicious, perfect ratio of dressing and veggies, and the calamari was abundant.  The garlic shrimp was served over a toasted baguette and salsa, which was simply perfect.  The bread soaked up the garlic and olive oil, and along with the salsa and shrimp, you experience the strong garlic and tomato flavours and the various textures in your mouth all in one bite. 

Ontario Heirloom Tomato And Grilled Calamari Salad

Garlic Shrimp
With the very impressive appetizers, I was extremely excited for the entrees and they did not disappoint.  We ordered a seafood pasta, where the pasta was cooked perfectly, the tomato sauce was flavorful and had pieces of tomatos in them (so many other places have their tomatos totally pureed that it kinda feels like store-bought pasta sauce), and the loaded with seafood.  The steak was also very good.. a little overcooked (which is very typical...) and the side veggies had a great variety. 
Fresh Grilled Seafood Pasta
Certified Angus New York Strip

The portions for the dessert was also very big... and I particularly liked the rolled crepe cookies.  The fruits and the sorbet was a beautiful, fresh ending to the delcious meal, and the cake Vick ordered (raspberry chocolate cake) was very moist.  Overall, we were very impressed with the food at this restaurant, we will recommend it! 

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