Thursday, July 25, 2013

Momofuku - Milk Bar

Address: (Second Floor) 190 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M5H, Canada
Telephone:  855.333.6455
Date Visited: July 2013.
Taste: 7.5 of 10

We actually visited the milk bar when we visited Momofuku Noodle Bar (if you want to read more on our ramen experience, please click the following link:

The Noodle Bar is on the ground floor, with an open stairway that brings you to the milk bar (which was more like a clear cold room with all the menu items in baskets).  Instructions were painted on the wall, which is basically grab a shopping basket, grab the goodies you want, and then go downstairs and pay.  Honestly.. not exactly what I had in mind.  Not even a little cafe with seats for you to enjoy the cookies.  Nevertheless, we did our little shopping tour and grabbed one of everything... a blueberry & cream cookie.. a compost cookie.. cornflake and marshmellow cookie... and a slice of crack pie.  They are pricy... $2 per cookie or $11 for 6, and around $6 for a slice of pie.  To be honest.. the cookie didn't look the greatest.. you could see the oiliness of each cookie in the wrapper.  I also wasn't very happy about the fact they didn't show the calorie breakdown of the cookie.. although I do estimate at least 600 - 800 calories for the cookie.   

Anyhow.. we were still excited and immediately opened the cookies when we got home and this is what we thought:

Wow... it was like eating sugar.  There's a strong brown sugar taste to it.. but other than that.. I really don't see what the hype was for this pie.  Looking at the ingredients.. its just sugar sugar and more sugar.  We actually shared this pie amongst 4 people... with tea.. and we still couldn't finish it because it was too sweet.   

This cookie felt the 'heartiest' outta the 3 cookies.  It almost felt a bit like an oatmeal cookie.  But looking at the ingredients.. it was probably a misconception with the combo of pretzels, oats, chips, graham crumbs etc.  It was okay... very sweet also...   

If I had to choose my favorite snack from the milk bar.. this would be it.  I know.. it sounds weird with the cornflakes and stuff.. but it gives the cookie a texture that... I've never experienced in a cookie (very chewy).  Flavor wise... its not hugely different than the compost cookie...

This cookie was the most.. 'creamy' tasting outta the 3?  Also the most recognizable taste of the ingredients outta the 3... (like u know its a butter cookie with blueberries) whereas the other 2 felt like a bunch of stuff together but you cant tell what they were.  Not really a huge fan of this one... 

Overall... our milk bar experience was quite disappointing.  With the name.. I was expecting treats that had an extremely strong milk taste but all we got was SUGAR.  By the way... we couldn't finish the cookies... it was just too sweet... so we had to throw out half of each.  But interestingly.. I find myself thinking about the cookies the next day... which is very scary and makes me wonder what they put in it.  Anyhow... will probably not come back again... unless I am in a total crave for sugar!  


  1. This place is mind blowing. I don't know what else there is to say about this place. Though I am not sure if the food provided was catered from an outside vendor, but it too was spectacular.

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