Monday, July 22, 2013

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Address: (Ground Floor) 190 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M5H, Canada
Telephone:  647-253-8000
Date Visited: July 2013.
Taste:  7.5 of 10
Service: 4.5 of 5
Atmosphere: 4.5 of 5

With all the raving going on about Momofuku and their new Milk Bar (especially the Crack Pie), we decided to go see what its all about. 

Luckily we were realtively early.. like around 6:00pm on Sunday, we were almost seated immediately.  The waitress was very helpful and recommended us some of their most popular dishes.

We started off the meal with their famous pork belly on steamed bun.  The bun was super moist and the pork belly was crisp on the outside.  But that layer of fat really drove me nots... nothing wrong with the dish.. just my personal preference.  The flavours were good.. (the seafood sauce + cucumber + green onion + pork belly + bun)... but whether they are worth $10... ehm.. I am not sure.
Next up was the okonomiyaki... which was... pretty disappointing.  Not crisp.. and the flavours were just soso.  Gosh.. totally miss the Okonomiyaki House!  Not recommended! 
For the Ramen, we tried the signature Momofuko Ramen and the Smoke Chicken Ramen.  The Momofuko Ramen was better... the soup base blended well with the noodle, and although the dish looked rather small... it was very filling.  However, the sour cabbage seemed oddly in place with the dish... an example of how fushion dishes may sometimes NOT work (Korean cabbage + Jap ramen = weird).  The Smoke Chicken Ramen was even more disappointing.  The soup base was so salty that it just didn't taste good.  The chicken was SUPER crisp... not really 'smoked' but more like fried.. with pieces of meat and fried chicken skin (at least that's what we think it was).  For those who are fans of fried food and chicken skin will probably love it.. for me.. it was just a mouthful of oil (their oil doesnt seem very fresh either).  And the egg... I am a huge fan of eggs... and yes.. I liked my yolks to be not runny and not hard.. and this one was just WAY TOO UNCOOKED.  The egg white and yolk were so runny that it felt slimy and all.  Much rather they stuck with the typical ramen marinated eggs... 


 Service was good (the water cups are always full) and the people seemed to enjoy working there.  Decor was also nice.. open kitchen concept so you can actual watch all the action.  However, for the price they charged ($15 a ramen) and all the talk about this place, I honestly expected a bit more.  Probably wont return again. 

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