Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day & Night Angus Steak - Raw Bar


Address: 548 Carlton Road, Unionville, ON L3R 0C6, Canada
Telephone: 905.305.9192
Date Visited: July 2013.
Taste: 9 of 10
Service: 4.5 of 5
Atmosphere: 4.5

I've been to Day and Night a few years ago (the one on Steeles)... and the impression from my previous experience was... a Chinese steakhouse trying to be Westernized.  So when my bf bought a coupon here, I was semi-disapproving because I thought even with the coupon, he was paying too much.  Gee.. I was SO WRONG.

When we arrived to the restaurant.. yes... it was own and ran by Chinese... but the décor was phenomenon.  Without getting into too much detail of the restaurant layout, there's a circular oyster bar highlighted with floating bubbles.  Both the oyster bar and the bubbles changed colours throughout the night.  The seating area was distributed around the outside perimeter of the restaurant, and separated from the oyster bar with partitions. 

The floating bubbles décor above the oyster bar.  Forgot to take a picture of the oyster bar.. sorry!
When we were seated, our server was very polite and patiently explained the menu to us.  He also assisted us in picking a red wine for the evening. When the bread came, I was pretty upset because the bread was dry and hard.  I remember it being semi-warm.. which isn't bad... but the texture was truly disappointing.

With the disappointing bread, I honestly wasn't looking forward to the next few dishes.  The first course were the foie gras.  They were served 3 different ways.. based on what I remember, one was regular style, one was marinade, and the third was pan-seared.  I am not a foie gras person... and planned to simply choke it down, but OMG, when I tasted them, they were AMAZING.  The regular one was very creamy but it doesn't have the very strong.. frie gras taste like the ones I had in the past.  The marinade one was my favorite... it tasted a little bit like.. the Chinese marinade chicken (lo-sui-chicken)... just smoother and creamier.  The pan seared one was crispy on the outside, and melt-in-your-mouth creamy on the inside.  It was very tasty, but after pan searing it, it felt very oily that's why I preferred the marinade one instead.  Overall, they were AMAZING!

Pan-Seared Foie Gras
Marinade Foie Gras
Regular Foie Gras
Next came the salad.  We were allowed to pick from 2 different salads, the lettuce or mixed greens.  The best part in my opinion is the rack of salad dressing that came along with it.  I usually order my salads with dressing on the sides, but this was even better.  Not only could I pour as much as I want, I could also try different flavors.  Aside from the usual's - Caesar, thousand island, Italian, they also had teriyaki, ginger mustard and a few others.  Definitely impressed.


After the salad we were served the soups.  There were two to choose from, lobster bisque and French onion soup,  I had an extremely hard time picking the soup (I liked both), so we decided to order one of each.  When the soup came, the server placed a soup plate with a piece of lobster and butter for the lobster bisque, and a lump of cooked caramelized onion with cheese for the French onion soup.  Then with a teapot, he began pouring the soup.  Call me shallow.. I really liked the way they try to brighten up the experience.  But aside form the wonderful presentation, the taste did not live up to the standard.  The French onion soup was ok... but still better than the lobster bisque.  I cant remember exactly what the problem was... too bland or salty.. or just... weird... I just remember it.. not tasty.  After a few spoonful, I gave up and waited for my steak.

When the steak came, I was very excited.  It was thick and big, but it was somewhat disappointing without any sides.  (Yes yes.. I know.. a lot of steakhouses does NOT serve sides.. just saying).  I ordered medium.. and medium I got.  I was very happy with my steak... cooked perfectly.. which is quite hard for something so thick.  It was served with gravy but I didn't even need it because the steak was so delicious. 

We also ordered a salmon, and to our surprise, it was extremely flavourful. I cant remember the flavor.. maybe the ginger, or lime.. or sesame... or something.. (yes yes.. I know.. I should blog immediately next time)... and the sauce gave the fish a very light and fresh flavor.
Initially we were going to wait for the oyster happy hour, but we were SO full and still haven't had the dessert yet.  The dessert was okay... nothing amazing but not bad either... (haha.. no I am not bias)...  Overall, it was an excellent meal. Looking at the menu, there seems to be frequent fixed prix menus.. so we will definitely come back in the future!


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